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Re-enactment season will soon be upon us! 


It's time to start clearing a path in the garage to the large storage containers that hold all of our 15th Century clothing and accessories! The tents are desperate to see some sunshine and it's time to rinse the pottery and cutlery ready for use.This year our little boy, Arthur will be 20 months old when the season starts and I can't decide whether its going to be easier or harder camping with a toddler rather than a newborn? It promises to be a challenge either way! One thing is for certain - he's grown out of the tunics and shirts that he had last year and so work is beginning on a complete new set of medieval clothing for him. I'm aiming for a shirt and blue linen tunic dress for him and if I'm feeling brave, I may even try to make him a pair of little shoes - perhaps I could talk the leatherworker into having a a go at those?!