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Resting at the Abbey.

We had a fantasitc time at Tintern Abbey over the weekend of 3rd - 4th June 2017. The abbey staff were great, the supply of firewood was dry and plentiful and the intermitant rain showers didn't bother us for too long. In fact we had bright sunshine all day long on the saturday and the toddler wasn't the only one who enjoyed being bearfoot on the soft grass.

Tintern Abbey was just the most picturesque location to set up our encampment and we felt very privledged to be there. The members of the public that we met seemed very pleased to chat to us and were keen to get involved with the displays, enthusiastically handling weapons and trying on clothing and armour, asking plenty of questions and very willing to listen to our interesting, if sometimes longwinded, answers.

Food his weekend was, as always, excellent and with seasonal and authentic ingredients our cooks did us proud! The menu for Saturday read - Homemade bread and butter, cooked ham, salad, peas pottage with breadcrumbs and ginger and brie tart followed by rather delicous strawberries steeped in mead for dessert. Sunday's food was also delcious  - Homemade bread and butter, hot stew of chicken in cider with apples and figs and a zingy goosberry fool for pudding!

Our youngest member, Arthur made hundreds of new friends this weekend, many of whom were coined into sitting and playing catch for long periods of time. He loved wandering off underneath the leafy oak tree or attempting to scale the low lying ruins surrounding our encampment. I feel for our medieval mummy who barely had a moment to sit down, her little man was so engaged with his surroundings he even learnt a new word this weekend - "Abbey" !!

We immensley enjoyed our time at Tintern Abbey and cannot wait to be retrning again on the wekend of 19th & 20th August 2017. We look forward to seeing you there!