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  • Archer

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Skilled English longbowman.

The 14th century Longbowman was tall and well built, he practised "shooting" in the bow from the age of 4 or 5, having to be capable at the age of 6 to draw, loose and aim his shafts. At maturity he could be capable of drawing a 160lb draw weight which would drive a shaft of 36 inches long, and weighing over 1100 grams, over a distance of 400 yards or more.

Piles or arrow heads come either as bodkins (4" long spikes) or broad heads (up to 3" across) inflicting deep penetration. The arrows arrive at a speed in excess of 140mph and if successful could lift an adult victim clean off his feet. It has been calculated that the Agincourt Archers were loosing more than 900 arrows a second, that's a lot of incoming! History tells us that the French came second on that day. 

The Longbowman was equally loathed and feared by his adversaries as well as his own side, but as he made up more than 90% of all Medieval 14th century English Armies, his presence was a necessary evil, but by God you wanted him to be on your side.