• Fletcher

    Maker of Arrows. Read More
  • Cord or Point Maker

    Ties that bind.   Read More
  • Scrivener

    Skills with Quills. Read More
  • Rush Weaver

    Weaving rushes. Read More
  • Rushlight Maker

    The earliest form of medieval lighting. Read More
  • Seamstress

    Making and repairing our clothes. Read More
  • Leather Worker

    Trader of hides and maker of goods. Read More
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  • Cook

    Authentic medieval recipes. Read More
  • Tavern Keeper

    Refreshment anyone? Read More
  • Medieval Children

    Our youngest members. Read More
  • Friar

    Medieval pastoral care. Read More
  • The Hound

    Woody is our Rat Catcher and Truffle tracker. Read More
  • Man at Arms

    Ready for a fight? Read More
  • Archer

    Skilled English longbowman. Read More
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Ready for a fight?

A heavily armoured soldier, often on horse back, a man-at-arms was typically well versed in the art of hand to hand combat. A man-at-arms could be a knight or a nobleman, a member of a retinue or under the orders of a mercenary captain. The terms Knight and Man-at-arms are often used interchangeably but whilst it is certain that all knights equipped for war were men-at-arms, not all men-at-arms were knights.