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Our youngest member.

Born early 2016, Arthur is the youngest member of the group. His first reenactment was The Leominster Medieval Pageant of 2016, aged just five a half months old. He coped remarkably well with the damp weather, canon fire and constant attention. 

Since then he's mastered the skill of walking and talking and immensely enjoyed the 2017 season; he thrived on being outdoors and meeting new people, always keen to show off his collection of medieval toys, cutlery and crockery. His linen shirt and overdress fitted him perfectly at the beginning of the season but by the end were looking decidedly tight! He became faster on his feet as the season wore on and acquired a small bell, fastened to his belt, so that we could hear him wherever he was in the camp!

The 2018 season will see, once again, new, handmade clothes for Arthur and perhaps even more diligence from his mother and father as his energy, now boundless, means no more midday naps." 

Here's to a season of sunshine and smiles for our Medieval toddler, Arthur.