• Fletcher

    Maker of Arrows. Read More
  • Cord or Point Maker

    Ties that bind.   Read More
  • Scrivener

    Skills with Quills. Read More
  • Rush Weaver

    Weaving rushes. Read More
  • Rushlight Maker

    The earliest form of medieval lighting. Read More
  • Seamstress

    Making and repairing our clothes. Read More
  • Leather Worker

    Trader of hides and maker of goods. Read More
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  • Cook

    Authentic medieval recipes. Read More
  • Tavern Keeper

    Refreshment anyone? Read More
  • Medieval Children

    Our youngest members. Read More
  • Friar

    Medieval pastoral care. Read More
  • The Hound

    Woody is our Rat Catcher and Truffle tracker. Read More
  • Man at Arms

    Ready for a fight? Read More
  • Archer

    Skilled English longbowman. Read More
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Refreshment anyone?

Master James Taverner prefers to leave certain parts of his past a mystery. He has some learning and can read a little Latin but can't write. He has not lost all his skill as an Archer and has served as a Man-at-Arms although his armour is clearly second hand and age has slowed him down. 

He has served in France and Portugal with Free Companies during which he acquired, along with the armour, a wife, some money and a valuable chalice. 

He also deals in animal skins and anything that will turn a quick profit, no questions asked!

His travels have allowed him to visit various shrines where he has sought to protect his soul from hell fire and he has the badges to prove it.

These days he seems content to run the Tavern Tent, keeping the Company refreshed with ale, cider and wine - these are provided by who ever hires the Company. To keep the camp occupied he provides games that anyone can try, but woe betide any who cause trouble in his tavern for then the hardened routier appears. But if he is relaxed then enjoy a game and maybe a story telling too.