• Fletcher

    Maker of Arrows. Read More
  • Herbalist

    What happened when illness struck?   Read More
  • Scribe

    Skills with Quills. Read More
  • Basket Maker

    Weaving rushes. Read More
  • Rushlight Maker

    The earliest form of medieval lighting. Read More
  • Seamstress

    Making and repairing our clothes. Read More
  • Leather Worker

    Trader of hides and maker of goods. Read More
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  • Cook

    Authentic medieval recipes. Read More
  • Tavern Keeper

    Refreshment anyone? Read More
  • Medieval Toddler

    Our youngest member. Read More
  • Friar

    Medieval pastoral care. Read More
  • The Hound

    Woody is our Rat Catcher and Truffle tracker. Read More
  • Man at Arms

    Ready for a fight? Read More
  • Archer

    Skilled English longbowman. Read More
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Trader of hides and maker of goods.

Matthew's role within the group is two fold. Firstly as a Fellmonger, he is a perveyor of animal hides and furs, and secondly as a leather worker, crafting and creating all manor of essential and practical items, by hand, from those hides.

He is capable of making bags and pouches, belts and arming straps, shoes and sheaths, toys and water carriers. The camp is very grateful to have him around when a belt breaks or a shoe needs resoling. Leather is an incredibly tactie and versatile natural material and it's uses in medieval times were endless. Having access to this kind of skill was sure to make you both a lot of money and a lot of friends.