• Fletcher

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  • Cord or Point Maker

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  • Scrivener

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  • Rush Weaver

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  • Rushlight Maker

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  • Seamstress

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  • Leather Worker

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  • The Hound

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  • Archer

    Skilled English longbowman. Read More
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Maker of Arrows.

Born in what is now Hampshire, his earliest memories are of being cold and hungry. He collected wood for the fire at four years of age. When he was seven he was sent to work with the underwoodsmen to learn hurdle making in order to support the family.

As with all the village boys, Archery was his only permissible pastime and he showed remarkable ability at an early age. Recruited into the army to go to France at 17 years of age, the idea of regular food, drink and comradeship was overpowering. Unfortunately he was maimed by the French, making any further advancement impossible. So he returned to England and began to utilise his understanding of working with wood and after the necessary apprenticeship became a member of the Fletchers and longbow string makers Guild.

To this day he plies his mystery but still hankers for his lost military past.

He is able to demonstrate the techniques of working the wood of the shafts through all the stages of production from tree to finished product. He will demonstrate all ancillary techniques, including; the preparation of feather fletchings, the use of linen thread for whippings, the placement of horn inserts to reinforce the nocks, and the selection and usage of a wide variety of hand forged medieval arrowheads.