Useful links

The following websites are either people we know or sites we have found useful. However, the Medieval Free Company cannot be held responsible for the content of the sites listed.

Past Present Peter and Jen Hood bring history to life with their carefully researched first person interpretation of actual historic characters.

Tewkesbury Medieval Festival Europe's largest free annual medieval battle re-enactment and fayre.

Medieval Warfare aspects of warfare and arms in Medieval Europe. Illustrated techniques and practices in castle sieges, battle, mêlées and jousts, cross referenced to battlefields, castles and original source documents. Includes information on armour, weaponry and siege engines.

Colonel James Wardlaws Dragoones Wardlaws Dragoones are a regiment of the Sealed Knot Society who are based in the West Country. While English Civil War re-enactment is their main strength they also have a strong interest in living history. New recruits are always warmly welcomed.

The Knights of Longshank are a 13th/14th century re-enactment society covering the period of British history during the Anglo/Welsh/Scottish wars of Edward I and Edward II's reign.

Pewter Replicas Steve Millingham sells a comprehensive range of historical pewter replicas from the medieval, Tudor and Stuart periods.

HistoriaVivens A colourful site packed with information about multi period Living History and reenactment Europe wide.

La Maisnie de Kistreberh A French living history group concentrating on the late 14th early 15th century (Hundred Years War) period.

Historic UK The History and Heritage Accommodation Guide. An interesting site, packed with information on historic holiday accommodation, living history and re-enactment groups, historic traders markets, history in general and much more.

Coelestibus Auspiciis A Flemish speaking re-enactment group, based in Flanders. Website has many photographs of their past events.

Companhia Livre The website of our colleagues, The Free Company, in Portugal. A colourful and informative site, well illustrated with lots of photographs.

Academia de Esgrima Histórica Historical Fencing Academy, Portugal.